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Starting in 2008 with the idea of creating outstanding visual yet protective entryways for commercial and athletic facilities in the Atlanta area, Enhance Mats has quickly grown to become a leader in creating dynamic flooring solutions for over 200 Colleges, High Schools and Businesses throughout the United States. Enhance Mats is proud to have teamed with Protex Industries, LLC. to develop products that address the needs of Safety, Function, Branding, and Protection in the athletic and business communities. From enhancing your facility visually to providing revolutionary anti-microbial flooring and gym floor covers, Enhance Mats is on the cutting edge of design and development. Our innovative products are functional and bold in their ability to brand and protect your facility while ensuring the safety and comfort of athletes, staff, customers, and guests. Enhance Mats looks forward to continuing the development of our growing line of functional, protective and statement making products.